We speak on distributed law firms

Updated: May 2020 Reading Time: 1 minute
We speak on distributed law firms

We’re speaking soon about distributed law firms at the Law Society of Singapore’s Colloquium on ‘The Role of Lawyers in the Age of Disruption: Emerging Regulatory Challenges’.

“Distributed law firm” is just a fancier name for “virtual law firm”. The latter has connotations of a single lawyer working from a basement. Needless to say, we’re all “virtual law firms” for this COVID-19 period.

We look more closely at the anecdotes coming out of the COVID-19 work-from-home experience as well as experience past. We group and summarise these anecdotes, taking each experience seriously.

We imagine ways in which we might address the drawbacks and magnify the advantages and make a case for work-from-home or remote working forever.

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