We price our services consistently and in a disciplined and principled way. This means:

  • our most loyal clients get our best pricing,
  • subject to the above, if we give another client a better price on a job, we will extend that price to all clients for current similar jobs.

We provide discounts or rebates on our ‘rack rate’ where:

  • We have certainty of workflow. Where you commit to a minimum purchase over a minimum period, it means we can better plan our time and resources.
  • We are engaged on a large project, which means we can spend less time pitching for deals and more time working with you.
  • We are asked to provide generalist not specialist legal support. Such engagements are usually on an ‘in-house counsel’ basis.
  • Our liability is limited, which means we can better meet your needs if you only want limited legal support.


We price our services competitively and benchmark our fees against those for similar lawyers with similar expertise and experience on similar projects.

We can price our services competitively because we keep our costs low.

We keep our costs low because:

  • We are lean – our lawyers are always busy.
  • We are disciplined and principled on pricing – we spend less time negotiating fees and more time negotiating for clients.
  • We are frugal innovators.

We innovate frugally by:

  • working out of your offices or outside the City
  • aligning our costs with our client needs. As an example, we can arrange for meeting rooms in the City and this is on a client-pays basis
  • going paperless and being able to work just about anywhere
  • constantly working on being more organised and better at collaborating off-site


We price our services competitively and benchmark our fees against those for similar lawyers with similar expertise and experience on similar projects.

Our retainer solutions are generally on the basis of:

  • a minimum committed period
  • a minimum committed ‘purchase’ of legal services for a period
  • provision of generalist not specialist legal support

Retainer rates may be:

  • hourly rates much reduced from our ‘rack rates’
  • monthly rates equivalent to a senior legal counsel, with a fair use policy


Our project solutions generally:

  • do not require a minimum committed period or ‘purchase’ of legal services
  • may be for specialist or generalist legal support

Project rates vary depending on:

  • the size, scope and timing of the project
  • whether we are providing generalist or specialist legal support
  • what we may influence and what is outside our control


If we give you an estimate, these are calculated on the basis of how much time we think it will take to complete your project or stages in your project.

The final fee may be higher or lower than the estimate because you may require more or less support from us depending on your needs and the other party’s stance.

Our fixed quotes are calculated on the basis of our estimates with an added margin where there are likely to be events outside our control.


Usually, you will only pay our fees for the work we do for you.

Sometimes, in completing your project, we may incur costs which are usual and reasonable in such projects.

These may include overseas telephone calls, overseas travel and accommodation, specialist printing services or meeting rooms.

They may also include fees or costs which a regulatory authority charges.

Our fees do not include such costs and you must reimburse us for costs with no mark-up.

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