Our first Wed Drop-in session

Updated: February 2021 Reading Time: 1 minute
Our first Wed Drop-in session

About the event

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We held our first Wednesday Drop-in session on 17 February 2021.

We kicked off the series with an overview of the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreement (VIMA) suite of documents.

We chatted about:

1. what the suite of documents contains;

2. what each document in the suite does in the overall fundraising process; and

3. what other documents you might need for a fundraising.

We had a wealth of practical experience on the call including from:

  1. an accelerator veteran,
  2. a biotech/medtech commercialisation adviser,
  3. start-up founders,
  4. a Swiss/French lawyer, and
  5. a litigator.

Some tips from participants:
1. do your due diligence and get to know the investor before adding them to your cap table;
2. be careful not to have too large a cap table before the larger fundraisings;
3. NDAs may not always be used for VC deals but in the biotech/medtech space they are more likely to be important and accepted.

Join us for our next Wednesday Drop-in sessions focusing on:

  1. The VIMA term sheet – Wednesday 10 March 2021 – sign up here;
  2. A brief overview of the VIMA shareholders’ agreement – Wednesday 24 March 2021 – watch out this space for sign up details.


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