fsLAW joins the Association of Small Medium Enterprises

Updated: March 2017 Reading Time: 1 minute

We’ve recently joined the Association of Small Medium Enterprises (ASME), an organisation established in 1986, “for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs” in Singapore. It is essentially a 30 year old start-up meet up.

We’re looking forward to going to events and perusing articles, perhaps even participating.

We’re also looking forward to comparing the ASME experience to that of the many events organised by different start-up groups that we find on digital events management platforms like MeetUp, Eventbrite or Peatix.

  • Has entrepreneurship changed since 1986?
  • How does an entrepreneur organisation evolve over 30 years?
  • Beyond the obvious differences in technological, economic or political climate, what does a start-up organisation look like after witnessing 30 years of the slings and arrows of outrageous entrepreneurial fortune?
  • What happens when some members have reached the stars and many more have never got far off the ground?
  • When do entrepreneurs leave the entrepreneur organisation nest?
  • Will the agenda include existing businesses pivoting after the start-up years?
  • Will the mood be more subdued and restrained?
  • Will there be less alcohol at events and will there be catering?
  • Will the number of Singaporeans at events be proportionate to the share of the overall population?

We’re looking forward to finding out!

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