fsLAW launches world-first RI accelerator

Updated: April 2017 Reading Time: 2 minutes
fsLAW launches world-first RI accelerator

fsLAW today announced its launch of the world’s first RI accelerator.

The RI accelerator will accelerate start-up lawyers in extreme integrity building, relationship growing, deal-making and disruptive point-scoring.

The accelerator targets Real Intelligence (RI) to unleash unbeatable insights and creativity, trusted judgement and powerful advocacy in all verticals and every industry segment known to humankind.

The accelerator offers:

  1. funding and lean start-up facilities for selected start-ups;
  2. mentoring from an experienced angel investor with a track record in hacking legal agreements, arguments and analysis.

Additional mentoring is likely to be available from a community of other experienced angel investors, although they may not seem so angelic on the other side of the table.

Initial funding will look a lot like an internship allowance. Start-ups meeting certain criteria will be eligible for future funding and continued incubation in the accelerator.  

|The accelerator is both a world-first (see title of article) as well as rooted in a community rich with purpose, history and tradition. In Singapore, there are two community organisers dedicated to curating community events, publishing newsletters and representing the community at the highest levels. There is even an established code of conduct.

Applicants should note that scientists do not fully appreciate the contours of RI and the investment proposition faces unprecedented risks. An investment through this accelerator or any other similar accelerator (which is world-second or WORSE, by the way) is not for the faint of heart. Energy, courage, agility, diligence, resilience, stamina and terrific temperament are all prerequisites.

The uncharitable might observe that our RI accelerator is:

  1. a recruitment drive for interns, trainees and associates in a law firm; and
  2. not a world-first.

That’s FAKE NEWS! We’re so cool we can ignore them. Are you?

Applications now open and are unlikely to ever close. Read more here.

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