How our values build a law firm

We’ve picked values which we believe are key to building a successful law firm.

We believe a successful law firm is made up of successful lawyers. Successful lawyers are:
trusted advisers, colleagues and opponents – they have integrity
• powerful advocates for their client’s cause, delivering timely legal solutions that respond to client needs – they have energy and intelligence
• prudent business people with a sustainable business model that is constantly benchmarked and responding to a changing environment – they practise frugal innovation
• centred, calm, creative people with presence – they display long term, holistic thinking

We focus on these values because we believe they are fundamental to building a successful law firm.
• Integrity in our dealings with each other, our clients and others
• Energy and intelligence in our legal solutions and advocacy
• Frugal innovation in the way we do business
• Long term, holistic thinking including work-life integration

About us

We are a boutique law firm based in Singapore providing quality business law solutions for clients in the Asia Pacific region.