How do I find what I need?

You can try:
1. the search bar;
If you still can’t find what you are looking for, you could fill in our contact form.
It may be that you are unsure about the legal arrangements you want with your counterparties. A consultation with a lawyer might help you clarify what you want. A lawyer might also help with drafting a more bespoke arrangement for you.

How can I tell if I’m receiving legal services of a high quality?

1. Engage qualified lawyers;
2. Check out their experience and seniority;
3. Check out what others say about them;
4. Think critically about what they tell you;
5. Think about whether they are likely to align with your way of thinking.

What is team resourcing on projects and why might this be good for me?

1. Team resourcing means that lawyers with different expertise or experience levels work together on your project.
2. With team resourcing, our lawyers are able to offer a more cost-effective solution for your project. Lawyers with different experience and expertise levels are charged at different rates. At certain points, you may not need a senior expert, in which case, we are happy to provide a service at a lower rate.
3. Team resourcing also allows our lawyers to be more responsive to meet your project’s critical deadlines and to “peaks” in your requirements.
4. Team resourcing gives you a more stable, longer term service with knowledge of your business spread amongst a group of lawyers.
5. Titrating resourcing with the team is an art, not yet a science. A senior lawyer is in charge of your engagement overall and will also have the necessary experience to scope the work and direct the team required.
6. Sometimes, your work will involve both senior as well as less experienced lawyers. For example, Some agreements or arrangements are too complex to leave to a less experienced lawyer although there will be some parts which they may useful help you on. Some agreements or arrangements are less complex and a senior lawyer may decide that this may be completely or substantially completed by a less experienced lawyer.
7. If you opt for a fixed price service, you will not be able to require that particular lawyers or lawyers of certain levels of seniority deliver that service.